Do you have an Agile IT Platform?

From EDI integrations to online Client Dashboards, Fresh Concepts is dedicated to bringing you industry leading data management and IT services. With our new Client Dashboard, you’ll gain insights into the latest price trends, commodity information, order history and recall alerts.


  • EDI Capabilities for Price Files, Invoices and Orders
  • Customized Ordering platform for restaurants, included in the program without transaction fees
  • Ability to link with Ariba, Arrowstream, Compeat, Crunch time, Ctuit, Decision Logic, and more
  • Orders, Invoices and Customer Service Metrics
  • Contract Performance – Metrics on Contract vs Market FOB’s
  • Price Verification – Results from Daily Invoice Audits
  • Market FOB Ticker – Running Market FOB’s for your Order Guide
  • Service Evaluation – Product Quality & Distributor Service Scores inside your Restaurants
  • Newsletter – Highlights product performance on the market
  • Recall Summary – live tracking