What does the Nation’s most Comprehensive Produce Program Cost?

Over our 30 year history, Fresh Concepts has never failed to save a client on their produce purchases.  Oh, by the way, the savings we deliver includes our management fee.

Savings are best achieved through active management of the following areas:

  • Competitive FOB programs with approved grower shippers
  • Negotiated Freight Rates utilizing buying power with each Distributor and the clients we represent
  • Fair Distributor Markups based on Produce Spend and Cases per Drop
  • Specification Optimization through Price, Yield, Waste, Quality and Labor Analytics
  • Price Projection support to ensure proper specifications are utilized throughout the year
  • Price Trend Analysis for optimal LTO’s and seasonal promotions
  • Active Order Guide Management to ensure spend is managed properly
  • Invoice Auditing and Price Verification to ensure integrity in our numbers