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Fresh Concepts was founded in 1987 by Ed Liesenfelt. After spending seven years in restaurant management, followed by seven years in produce distribution, Ed began teaching restaurant companies the principles behind achieving the highest value for each dollar spent on produce. What started as basic workshops turned into a growing business, as various restaurant executives and chefs acknowledged the need for a produce specialist who would represent their best interests.

After bringing David Liesenfelt on board, Fresh Concepts began consulting restaurant companies located in the Midwest to help them establish proper product specifications, to educate them how to receive, store and handle produce and to show them how to select the produce company best suited to serve their needs. However, after two years, it became apparent that ongoing management was essential to program success. The restaurant companies needed a specialist to manage their produce distribution on a continual basis.

So in 1989, Ed Liesenfelt and David Liesenfelt offered the nation’s first completely comprehensive produce procurement program. Restaurant companies finally had a produce specialist who represented their best interests in working with growers and local produce distributors across the United States.

With David Liesenfelt as President since 1999, Fresh Concepts continues to serve its clients’ best interests. It’s our primary goal. We are proud to serve a select group of restaurants with the nation’s most comprehensive produce procurement program.